What is going on with the weather? I'm a little fed up with the rain this week. It makes me not want to leave the house... But I know there are so many good things outside the house! I did get caught in the rain twice yesterday riding my bike. I have an exam this afternoon, dinner with the girls, videos to edit, decisions to make, and all I want to do is bake something new.

I want to bake some enormous blueberry muffins.

Sarah is creating some kind of mexican spaghetti squash bake for tonight.. and I just found a recipe for a winter-ish sangria. We like our sangria often.

I have a few events to attend for the Art Mag this weekend. The first is on Friday night at Aster Hall.... it's a fundraiser for the Charleston Center for Photography.. rumor has it they aren't doing so well. I hope this event turns out for the best. How could it not? Social Wine Bar (a regular spot for me and my girls) is in charge of the wine. Virginia's is catering.. and Ishmael, a graffiti artist and so much more, is the talent. I'm sure I'll be doing some interviews and snapping photos at Aster Hall.

I want to hit the gym but it's still pouring outside... and I just happen to have everything I need for these blueberry muffins.... hmmm....

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