So a LOT has happened in the past months... a lot of downs and not many ups but so it goes. My dear grandmother has been fighting lung cancer for two years and it seems to all be coming to an end.

I had to go home unexpectedly for Thanksgiving to see her and I found myself devouring every little picture and scrapbook of hers from the 1960s on. She was a world traveler, always so classy... not to mention a great hostess. My roommates and I just threw a Christmas soiree and I wanted to entertain in the style of Ann Capone Tedesco (so Italian!). My grandmother wears a fur coat with no apologies and gives you her jaw dropping jewelry because she's bored with it. She has most of her recipes in her head and in her late 70s still had a trail of men behind her. What a gal. Even in her last days she's making jokes and giving my grandfather a hard time. In her honor, we made so many Christmas cookies, chocolate bark, and of course a punch. My grandmother always had a serious Christmas punch that would put you on the floor.. a real crowd pleaser.

I'm going to be making many new recipes soon as tomorrow is my last final exam. I'll be back in FL soon having yet another holiday party... I know I want to try my hand at homemade dark chocolate truffles, a few thai dishes, throwback with a pizza, and maybe even a ricotta cheesecake.

... damages from the night before..

SK and I are trying to get to Puerto Rico again for New Years and my birthday.... really needing some warm weather, waves, and a serious electro rave...

Not big on the vocals.. but the ghost in this video is pretty much me when I get lose my friends at the bar and wreck the town alone...

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