Ice coffee & the fastest cinnamon buns ever.
It's finally 80 degrees outside and all I want in the morning is the perfect, icy cold glass of coffee. I say a glass because once you make the transition to ice coffee, it cannot be hidden in a mug. It must be admired in the most fanciful glass you own. You've been waiting all winter to break it out, just like me. The trick is to make coffee the night before you need it, sweeten it while it's hot, then allow it to cool completely before putting it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, simply add or don't add whatever you like. A nice breakfast accompaniment would have been my cinnamon buns, but they never last long enough to eat the day after. 

The dough for these, considering it's a faster version, contains no yeast. If you're afraid of yeast, this recipe is for you. The rolls taste a bit denser like biscuits, but as still savory with gooey cinnamon and you'll be so busy eating them you probably won't notice. The recipe is not entirely mine, except I made it into a vegan version, i.e., using soymilk for milk and Earth Balance wherever it calls for butter. Also, I did not follow any specific recipe, it was more of a fast kitchen experiment with scrumptious results. If you want to try your hand at one of the greatest breakfast sweets, try this recipe. If you're feeling even more daring, try this recipe

If you need some musical inspiration, play Koop Island Blues and open your windows. 

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