Bake wild is about to go crazy.

For those of you who don't know, I picked up about 2 weeks ago and moved from St. Augustine Beach to Orlando, FL. And for those of you who do know, I am starting to like it here, thanks for asking. To get a girl like myself to leave the beach and all that is dear to her, there must be a motive. Now that I got that whole Bachelor's degree thing out of the way, I am free to pursue my official diplome of patisserie and baking at Le Cordon Bleu. I have been there a week now, everyday dressed in my crisp white chef's coat, awkward checkerprint drawstring pants, and black steel toe shoes... Not my best look, but I think I can manage for the rest of the year. 

Bake Wild is about to take a detour until I graduate.. with occasional recipes but mostly a weekly photojournal of the things I have made and my progress in becoming a pastry chef. The most fulfilling reinvention of oneself is changing paths to truly live your dreams. Mine is to travel the world and make pastries of glitter and diamonds..... anyway. 

Last week was all about the petit fours... or "small oven" in French which means small cookies. I have bags and bags of treats.... if you want some, email me your address and I'll gladly send them your way. This week is all about quick breads, biscuits, and pies. Stay tuned..........

Day 1: Miniature semisweet chocolate chip cookies- honestly the most perfect chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. Soft and chewy on the inside with a bit of crispness on the edges.

Day 2: Double chocolate brownies with ganache frosting (no picture), The best peanut butter cookies I have ever made.

Day 3&4: Vanilla and chocolate checkerboard sugar cookies. Time intensive but visually pleasing.

Day 5: French macaroons with raspberry jam filling. Looks like it took a lot of work, but the easiest of the week. A bit sweet for my taste. When we have some breathing room with flavors, I'm thinking a cocoa macaroon with creamed peanut frosting... 
Check back this Sunday for biscotti, pies, biscuits, and more. 

One thing I forgot to mention as an obvious upside of moving to Orlando.... MUSIC. In the next two months, I'm looking at CSS, Rusko & Doorly, Avicii, Felix Cartel, and The Electric Daisy Carnival. My roommate happens to love the beats as much as I do. Nothing but heavy bass and baking for the next 9 months.. and I like that.

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  1. i hear a little trout that loves you lives in orlando. that's pretty cool i guess.