Long awaited peacefulness.

It has only been two months here in Orlando and I can admit to a concrete list of accomplishments... and with that a longer list of undone to-do's, mostly scribbled on random pieces of paper throughout my room.

I officially passed (with an A+) my very first patisserie and baking class at Le Cordon Bleu. I do have more than a few photos to share. Hit play on this Munk banger and feel free to swing your hair around while you browse.

To start, these are the first two cakes I've made at LCB... handcrafted buttercream roses.. don't worry about those. The rest is simple and fairly standard, a yellow chiffon cake with vanilla buttercream, raspberry preserves, and hazelnut coating.

This is based off the world famous Sachertorte.  It is a sinfully decadent, highly addictive chocolate cake with chocolate ganache coating. My cake vision was to throw together some peanut butter whipped cream filling and raspberry preserves to create a peanut butter jelly monster cake. I ate 1/4 of it before swearing it off... and then cutting off another sliver "to make the cut straight" from before.

The conclusion of my intro pastry class was to team up and produce a final sweets table of everything we learned through the course. As I mentioned before, our theme was Alice in Wonderland. Production was spaced out over 4 days and we had to make a couple dozens treats from 6 different categories. It was definitely a change of pace...a couple days with no instruction and free reign for 4 hours of any ingredients. I can totally see myself in the future, putting on my huge headphones and tuning in to beautiful beats for hours on end as I decorate cakes and plan petite fours for parties.

Centerpiece of our table... Cheshire cat morphing into the Mad Hatter hat.. Perfect fondant work done by my talented roommate and baking partner Jadrianna.

Magic mushrooms, mad hatter hats, and lovely little flowers sit atop cayenne spiced chocolate cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing.

 Queen of hearts. Blondies with white chocolate ganache and brownies with chocolate ganache.

 Garden of cinnamon nutmeg spiced linzer cookie flowers kissed with confectioner's sugar.
Pate sucree with lime curd and blueberry caterpillars. If only we could have fit a hookah somewhere...

 Eat me! Drink me! Mini eclairs with chambord whipped cream filling and white chocolate coating.

 Trippy petite fours. Apricot jam filling between sweet spongy frangipane and almond paste.

 French macaroons made into the white rabbit.. filled with guava buttercream... sweet and scrumptious.

 Lemon madeleines so tasty they can make you purr like a walrus.......... what?
The final shot of the table. 

Currently I am in a bread and viennoiserie class. Just last week, I took home 7 baguettes. Help! I cannot eat all this bread. Today we made whole wheat pitas, pizza in a brick oven, and focaccia bread. If you like bread, please let me know and we can work something out. We can even trade for it... but you better have something good to bring to the table... like rollerskates.... or Pocky.

The next 6 weeks are more relaxed and I can breathe again. I have an interview next week for a better job (wish me luck) and Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend.


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  2. Chelle18:43

    Everything looks beautiful and delicious! Congratulations!