Today was a very active day. I actually went to three different supermarkets today, along with various errands and class. I may actually be addicted to food shopping. I swear a get a hard on when I look at fresh fruit. It's a problem. I went to Harris Teeter this morning.. followed by the Vegetable Bin this afternoon, and eventually Whole Foods in Mount Pleasant. I bought two different types of pears, a bag of golden delicious apples, coconut, bananas, and several other random fruits. I can't help myself. Maybe they have a support group for fruit addiction. Fruit Addicts Anonymous? So what if I sit in my film class and daydream about baking a rustic apple tart. If you fault me for that then you can't have any of my baked goods.

Tomorrow night Sarah and I are going to an oyster roast... already bought myself a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc to bring.

Friday night we're having a little Prosecco & Pizza dinner party. There is nothing I love more than making pizza from scratch.... maybe even throwing it on the grill. Psyched.

Here's a video I enjoy showing anyone who decides to come over after last call. It's disturbing and I like it.

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