End of a mind-numbing, make me want to shoot myself week. Nearly every day was spent waking up early, working out, classes with library time all day until I came home and passed out to repeat. My room was a hazard area with my board bad overflowing with clothes and what have you from my trip to Puerto Rico last week. Despite being completely exhausted, I am in a stellar mood. Figured out some life plans.. got a few great things going on currently. I have compiled a short list of things I'm stoked about:

1. Moving to FL for my last summer at home; doing surf lessons @ Surf Station thanks to MattOBear.
2. Designer Drugs next weekend.. whaaaaat
3. Planning a trip to El Salvador with Sarah (and anyone else who'd like to join)
4. Bought Jimbo America a rawhide baseball, he's psyched on it.
5. Drafting a series of children's books based on Jimbo America Jenkins.
6. Getting my yoga on a regular basis.
7. Electro everyday all day + sunshine.
8. Just created a new recipe: Banana upside down brownie cake.

Pics/ recipe of the banana brownie treat to come.

This is a great song to swing your hair around to and shake it. That's what I'll be doing tonight.

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