Why do my Tuesdays feel like Mondays? Would it be alright to claim I have a case of the Tuesdays? Had a party at my house on Friday night that ended up with foamy kegs due to tap problems and then the ratio spun out of control until it turned into BroParty 2010. Got to see Rocky Horror and Designer Drugs on Saturday night... Bottomless mimosas on Sunday. This would explain how Monday felt like Sunday, hence Tuesday as Monday. I can feel summer is on its way because all the days are blending together.


  1. This video is fun and brings me back to the 90s. How do I follow your blogs? I don't see the link, but you're pictures are fantastic!

  2. I think you can follow my blog by clicking the "Follow" icon at the top left corner of the Blogger toolbar.

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy it :)