I have successfully ignored my cooking blog all summer. It is September 2 and I have way too many new recipes that need to be on here. It has been a summer of working, surfing, cooking, and music. Is there any other way to spend your summer? I complain sometimes, but it could be worse than living on an island. Not to mention an island that has had more than a couple days of waves and sunshine. Before I get right down to it, I'd you to play this track while you browse my summer recipe photos:

Miami Horror has been killing it lately, a smooth backbeat with a disco groove. Its mellow bassline is enough to relax and daydream about places you might want to be.

So now that you've got your appropriate baking track,we can begin:

Here is a list of all the delicious treats on this page:
1. French silk pie
2. Fresh mango tart with orange mango curd
3. Mexicali pizza
4. Sweet & savory plantains
5. Coconut apricot bread
6. Chocolate chip espresso almond ice cream cake (Vegan!)
7. Copious amounts of sushi... cannot get enough.
8. Triple chocolate butterfinger ice cream cake
9. Lemon cream pie
10. Another shot of the coconut apricot bread...
11. Vegan pancakes with mango, cinnamon coconut milk & honey
12. German chocolate cake
13. Vegan burrito bowl with fresh baked chili tortilla chips

There is more, and there will be more posts to come. I don't want to overwhelm you. We haven't seen each other all summer, and it's always fun to leave a little mystery. Check back soon for recipes, music, and much more.

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