It has been raining on and off for two days now.... Luckily we were still able to do the kids' surf camp yesterday morning between the rain. It was a messy camp though. Two instructors couldn't make it, one was very late, and we forgot the life jackets...Life jackets because these are special needs children. Stress! The kids were screaming, it looked like it was about to pour, and Shawn had to hold down the camp alone while I ran to grab the life jackets at home. It all worked out though. I try to remember all the camp days can't be perfect- and I'm sure no one noticed!

Lately I've strayed a little bit in my genre of cooking. At first it was mostly vegan and the healthy alternative for desserts, but I have to admit the lasagna was a bit heavy and obviously (although delicious!) the cake pops should not be consumed in large amounts. Now I'm back on track... my old man plain oatmeal for breakfast.. 6 small meals a day and back at the gym. I was up for a possible covershot paddleboarding in a fitness magazine in Charleston but they ended up going with someone else. It's disappointing but I suppose I will live. It would have been a pain to get the paddleboard up there anyhow. It only hangs 6ft outside of the truck bed.

So for a little while, I will be posting only healthy recipes, a lot more vegan, a lot of natural energy bars, dinners, snacks, etc. About a month ago, I made these triple chocolate protein pancakes using unsweetened cocoa power, chocolate protein power, and chocolate soymilk. I only topped them with a little bit of vegan powdered sugar. I'm going to try to remember the recipe but until then, the pictures will do.

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